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Locally owned by three foodies, we’re working hard to become the Sacramento area’s best spot to start your journey to the dumpling. We’re owned by three young friends with a passion for what we do, and we set out to create a family-friendly atmosphere in which to share our favorite foods. Our voice should be as modern as our decor, as warm as our soup dumplings, and as enthusiastic as we are about the little Chinese-food haven we’ve created.

What Is A Dumpling?

A dumpling is a dough wrap (like ravioli or wontons) and filled with ground pork (or shrimp and mushroom), and fill with a delicious broth, these thin-skinned parcels (pronounced xiao long bao) are steamed, making them challenging and fun to eat.

1. Fill your soup spoon with a base layer of Chinese black vinegar. With your chopsticks, pick up the dumpling by the pleated tip and place it in the spoon.

2. Bite off an opening in the top to release steam from the dumpling, then stuff a sliver or two of ginger inside.

3. Count to five (so you don’t burn your mouth), and slurp the whole thing at once.

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  • Monday - Thursday
  • Friday - Sunday
  • Independence Day
  • Thanksgiving Day
  • Christmas Day
  • Super Bowl
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